How to heal your gut (talk)

This is a talk I gave last year (2016) about gut health and the steps you can take to figure out whats going on with your insides! The quality is pretty brutal so I apologise for that. I was reluctant to post it but after giving a shorter version of the talk at the RDS this year for which I had no slides, I promised the lovely people who attended that I would put it up for them. So this is for you!

It is a common understanding in nutritional therapy that it all starts in the gut. Scientists have only recently in 2016, actually classified part of the gut called The Mesentery as a whole new organ! Just like your heart, lungs, we have the gut. So it needs as much care and attention to keep it healthy as the rest of the body.

Again, I stress, in italics and red text...

The sound and quality are not exactly Oscar winning standards (going to need to work on that bit!) but the content is good! The sound quality does improve but hopefully you'll be so absorbed in the content you wont even notice it:-)



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