BONE BROTH or "Stock" as your granny might have called it, is incredibly healing substance. The process of boiling animal/fish bones for long periods of time means the proteins and minerals within these bones, leak out into the water and so provide us with a tasty, warming broth. GLYCINE and PROLINE are perhaps 2 of the key ingredients we require for health skin, bones, tissues and heart and are abundant in bone broth. COLLAGEN and GELATIN can be difficult to get into the diet unless you like bone marrow or take a supplement! Collagen assists in keeping the skins elasticity nice and springy. As we age, our skins elasticity deminishes - think your grannys saggy skin! So to keep looking young and glowing, get the collagen into you! Gelatin too is like a glue for our cells. It keeps them together so nothing thats not supposed to seep through, seeps through and causes inflammation. So basically, gone broth is going to help keep you stuck together, less saggy, more springy and glowing! 


A stock pot OR A slow cooker

I bought a 5 litre slow cooker in Argos for about €60. Seems pricy but honestly its a life changing piece of equipment. Especially if you want your dinner waiting for you when you get in from work:-)



BONES! - Ask your butcher if he has any bones, they usually keep some for people with dogs, or are happy to give them away! The best animal bones are from the joint (knees, knuckles etc) and also marrow bones! Yum!

CHICKEN BONES - When I roast a chicken I usually freeze the carcass and when I have 2 or even 3 of them I use them all together. I find I get a better gelatinous texture with more. Ideally you should add chicken feet! These give a great jelly like texture but personally I've only seen them in a chinese butchers in Dublin and I wasnt happy with the source!

BOTH! - Mix and match if you like! Theres no rules!

You can also make fish broth too but animal broth is easier in my opinion.

Carrots - 1 or 2

Bay leaves - 2 or 3

Onions - 1 or 2

Peppercorns - 5-10

Seasalt - a good shake

Garlic (not pictured) - 4-10 cloves!

Filtered water - fill pot/slow cooker until its about an inch from the top

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - 1-2 good glugs!

Chicken Innards! Yep! The neck has tonnes of meat on it! Throw in the heart and lungs and kidneys too if you have them. Some quality butchers will save them for you or the organic chicken in Fallon and Byrnes in Dublin provide you with a little bag inside the chicken with all these good bits. Add it to the stock and make sure to fish the parts out and add to the liquid.:-) These chickens are not cheap so you literally will use every bit of it! 


  1. Gather the above ingredients - no need to peel the onions/garlic/carrots (its just flavour). Through the whole lot into the slow cooker! Top up with water until about 1" from the top. Cover with lid. Don't forget the glugs of Apple Cider Vinegar - you don't taste this but it helps draw all those precious minerals out from the bones.

  2. Leave it on a medium heat and off ya go about your day. 

  3. If you're bothered, spoon off any bubbles or scummy bits that appear when it starts to boil. 

  4. Id say leave chicken for at least 8-12 hours. Animal bones for 12-24. At night I feel better leaving the slow cooker on low. Sometimes after 12 hours I'll take out most of the liquid and top it up again for another day or two. Can be good to put fresh veg at this stage but mostly...I'm too lazy!

  5. Drain off the liquid, and if you've a hard stomach, finger through the bones, pick off any meat/bits of marrow/anything that looks edible. When the bones are soft enough you can even crumble them into the liquid too! (Calcium injection!)

  6. Thats it! Separate it into smaller tubs and freeze, or make some soup with it or drink it just as the broth. You can freeze it in ice-cube trays too if you want a little liquid for frying or sauces etc.

Should keep for about 7 days in the fridge and several months in the freezer!​


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